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It doesn’t get any better than snowmobiling in the western mountains of Maine. We personally groom over 100 miles of trails, that connect to Jackman, Rockwood, Chesuncook Lake House, and Millinocket.  Our trails are known to be some of the best in the entire state. The groomer drives directly in front of our rooms and lodge. We are able to set up snowmobile rentals for your visit as well.


Whether you are looking to hunt grouse, moose, deer, coyote, or even bear, you are at the right spot.  We are located within 329,000 acres of conservation easement lands that is at your access. Every year there are many trophy animals harvested from this area.We do have guides available for just about everything.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we surely will get things set up for you.


Located on the confluence of the North & South Branches of the Penobscot River….it doesn’t getting any better than this. Brook trout are abundant in these area waters.  Each year 18″-22″ brookies are caught directly out front of our establishement.  These fish are 100% native as well.  There are no stocking programs up here so what you catch is all-natural!


I’m not sure if there is any better place to be able to sit and relax. Whether it is by the river or a campfire, there is something for everyone. Our sites all have power 24/7.  There is water available to fill your holding tanks on your way in and a dump station to use prior to leaving. We offer daily, weekly rates. Not to mention, our seasonal rate is only $1400.00 for the year.


Pittston Farm is the perfect setting for your next corporate event or outing. With outdoor activities, lodging, delicious food and all the ambiance you could ask for, make a reservation today! From small events to weddings and major sporting initiatives, we have the amenities to take care of all your needs.

Food & Fuel

You can’t be this remote without access to fuel, right? Gas or Food. Fill up your truck, ATV or snowmobiles with convenience right here at our pumps. Then, enjoy some of our delicious home made meals. From our delicious breads and rolls to our amazing pies and desserts. We even make our own sausage and burger! We keep EVERYTHING running here.

Jennifer & Guy Mills
Owners, Pittston Farm Lodge
53 Pittston Farm Road Rockwood, Maine 04478

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A great day at the farm!!! Somewhere around 400 sleds in today.

I am headed out grooming (my 1st time this year) to Seboomook dam. Super excited to groom the new trail for the first time. Yes Guy has groomed it several times, just my first attempt. Wish me luck!!

Trails should do nothing but get better with more traffic.

Hope you get a chance to stop in for breakfast tomorrow!!

I will post pictures when I get back...Guy says it should take me 6 hours... I say 8 hours. We will have to wait and see.
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6 days ago

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Nicolas MoreauWe rode from Coburn to Rockwood, towards Jackman and back today and your trails were the best around! Great work!6 days ago   ·  1
Karla BoutinWish I was there6 days ago   ·  1
Jake CoxYou got this lady!!!6 days ago   ·  1
Tom CummingsGo lay it down and see u tomorrow6 days ago   ·  1
Eugene PropperHeather Shaw6 days ago   ·  1
Ronald JackIt was great seeing you folks last Friday. Thanks again Guy.5 days ago

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********Trail Update******

The recent warm weather has NOT hurt our trail system. We have more than enough snow to handle the temps. We were fortunate to not receive the big rains that other other areas got.

We will be out grooming tomorrow! Chili is made and just starting beef stew to fill our new bread bowls!! Be sure to stop in.

As a reminder.....
You won't find any less expensive rooms than ours. Might as well stay where you are going to ride.
Our lodge rooms are only $80 a night no matter how many people. These rooms sleep 2-6 people. That figures out to as low as $13.33 per person.
Our carriage rooms are $100 a night and sleep up to 4 people. Again as low as $25 per person.
Then our cabins are $120 a night and sleep 4-8 people. As low as $15 per person.

We have plenty of rooms still available. Just give me a call or send me a message.

Don't forget there are also thousands of miles of logging roads that are not plowed. And completely open for riding.

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1 week ago

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Alan ChamberlainDo you rent sleds??? Or is there a place near you that does???1 week ago
Mark ReussCan I bring my small dog? Would keep in kennel in cabin1 week ago   ·  1
Mario CohennoWill your new trail connect to the east and beyond?1 week ago
Matt MoultonIs the trail to Ed's store open yet?1 week ago
Thomas Cummings IIIWell I guess I figured out where we're going on Sunday7 days ago   ·  3
Tom CummingsSee you on Sunday can't wait !!!1 week ago   ·  1
John KrafickAwesom, see you Saturday!1 week ago   ·  1
Libby Morgan ParrSee you Saturday!!!! 👍🏼1 week ago   ·  1
Bud UtechtSee you tomorrow!!!!!!!7 days ago   ·  1
Kenny LamarcheLoad-em up1 week ago   ·  1
Edward JellisonSteven Jellison1 week ago   ·  1
Darren O'DonnellKenny Lamarche1 week ago   ·  1
Jake WheelerCody Souviney1 week ago   ·  1
Matthew TheriaultTodd Bowden1 week ago   ·  1
Scott DoucetteJosh Gallant when do you wanna 1st or 2nd week of feb6 days ago   ·  1
Greg StevensThanks1 week ago
Martin RigoulotPlus you get the most fantastic people and service too1 week ago
Nick RobergeJay Lizzotte I saw you liked it. This is good news1 week ago
Josh GallantScott Doucette, Mike Doucette, Mike Young. Let's plan a trip here.6 days ago   ·  1
Joe SassKevin Zullo1 week ago   ·  1
Suzanne TottleAndy Jackie7 days ago

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****************Trail Update*******************

Ok Guy headed out towards Jackman and Rockwood around 6 pm. He's assuming that it is going to take 11-13 hours. So if anyone is out early tomorrow please use caution. Grooming during the day is definitely not something we like to do.

Also, an apology for the trail being as rough as it was today. We, as always, had a large New Year's Eve party here last night and well, Guy wanted to go out grooming. However, I asked him to stay home and actually enjoy New Year's Eve with our friends and customers. So, yes we took a day off and Yes the trails were rough.

As with previous years here at the farm. This was our first "normal" snowmobiling weekend. Just may take a little time to get our "snow" legs under us... It's a work in progress. Thank You again to all who had patience with us....and for those who didn't ...well, it is what it is.

I can't thank our friends and guests this weekend enough. Without all of you, we can't live here and do what we do. You guys are everything to us!!!
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3 weeks ago

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Jennifer Fleming MangoAwesome weekend with family and friends! Excellent hospitality and food as always!! As for the trails, I guess I missed the part in the handbook where you are guaranteed perfect trails everywhere you go?! Pittston has the best trails 99% of the time thanks to Guy and the people who donate their time for trail maintenance! Happy New Year to all! See you again soon!3 weeks ago   ·  3
Glenn VaccaroWell if some people can't accept that you guys are human to than the heck with em.....You deserve time to yourselves to.and I admire guys work ethic for wanting to be out there because there isn't enough of that now a days! Good for you for taking time to enjoy what you work so hard to make enjoyable for the rest of us!!!!! 😉.Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend3 weeks ago   ·  2
Jennifer Sherry MieleLike always we had the best time up there this weekend. Thankful to be with all of you. Great way to start the New Year! Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, food fun and 24 or more inches of fresh snow! See you soon, love you guys ❤3 weeks ago   ·  2
Maggie Mc BrownThanks for your hospitality Mills family! It was so nice to spend the New Year with you all, so glad Guy was able to enjoy it also and what a surprise seeing Danielle! I'm so sad we won't see her for 2 years and I hope having all of us there didn't cut into your family time. Good times, great food, hot shower and comfy beds, no wifi so awesome family connection. A little piece of snowmobilers heaven, thanks for sharing!2 weeks ago
Tom MangoThe customer is NOT always right. ...sometimes the customer is just an asshole.3 weeks ago   ·  5
Corey CainEvery time I read these posts, I am amazed that even one person bitches about what you guys do. Smh3 weeks ago   ·  4
Barry SpencerLet's see heading out 6 pm for an 11 -13 hrs grooming run after probably working all day . THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO3 weeks ago   ·  2
Geri BerardGlad u could enjoy some time off...both work so hard to make such an amazing place!3 weeks ago   ·  2
Ray Zichellaya but when we drive 51/2 hours to ride for 3 short days when the trails suck it sucks!3 weeks ago   ·  2
Brian Peirce Sr.We all need time off to be with friends happy New Years the trails will be rite there tomorrow se ya soon3 weeks ago   ·  2
Scott RouthierYou are entitled to have a life. Take a day off once in a while. We understand not every trail is always perfect3 weeks ago   ·  2
Adam RobinsonSome people act like we're doing magic tricks up here.2 weeks ago
Karla BoutinYou both work so hard .....Guy is the man!3 weeks ago   ·  3
Pride Garagemaybe you should ride mass trails3 weeks ago   ·  3
Andrew GilesI remember last year I went up there and a foot of snow fell. It was blast. Never had so much fun2 weeks ago
Starley MoffittLove it up there! And love you fuys!3 weeks ago   ·  1
Beth Scott GosselinWe had an excellent weekend😊3 weeks ago   ·  1
Rosemary WollerscheidWe love Jackman, and Pittston Farm!3 weeks ago   ·  1

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