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Historic Pittston Farm, just north of Rockwood, Maine offers great family vacation packages with snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, or just relaxing.


Can’t be this remote without access to fuel.

Homemade Food

We pride ourselves in making everything in house. From our delicious breads and rolls to our amazing pies and desserts.  Not to mention we even make our own sausage and burger.

Stop in for a meal…trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Cozy Cabins & Lodging

Whether you choose to stay in our 1907 lodge, our carriage rooms, or our rustic cabins.  We have something for everyone!


It doesn’t get any better than snowmobiling in the western mountains of Maine.

We personally groom over 100 miles of trails, that connect to Jackman, Rockwood, Chesuncook Lake House, and Millinocket.  Our trails are known to be some of the best in the entire state. The groomer drives directly in front of our rooms and lodge.

We are able to set up snowmobile rentals for your visit as well.


Whether you are looking to hunt grouse, moose, deer, coyote, or even bear, you are at the right spot.  We are located within 329,000 acres of conservation easement lands that is at your access

Every year there are many trophy animals harvested from this area.

We do have guides available for just about everything.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we surely will get things set up for you.  


Located on the confluence of the North & South Branches of the Penobscot river….it doesn’t getting any better.

Brook trout are abundant in these water areas.  Each year 18″-22″ brookies are caught directly out front.  These fish are 100% native as well.  There are no stocking programs up here.


I’m not sure if there is any better place to be able to sit and relax. Whether it is by the river or a campfire, there is something for everyone.

Our sites all have power 24/7.  There is water available to fill your holding tanks on your way in and a dump station to use prior to leaving.

We offer daily, weekly rates. Not to mention, our seasonal rate is only $1400.00 for the year.

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53 Pittston Farm Rd Rockwood, ME 04478



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We were not sure spring was ever going to arrive, but it finally is here. We are expecting a great weekend. The fish have started biting!!! We will be open all weekend for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Also there is still some availability in our campground as well as rooms.

The road is in pretty good condition. There are still some muddy spots on the lower end and a couple as you get close to us. But all in all it is in a lot better condition then past years at this time.
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James MyotteNice looking brookies!!!1 week ago   ·  1
Brent DellarmaNice looking fish...planning on coming up that way soon!1 week ago   ·  2

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2015 Men's Retreat

We are extremely thankful to have been the host for 115 fantastic men. We had a great time. It it amazing that this was the 21st consecutive year that this has been at the farm.
Not only did we meet some great guys, but we also met some of the most polite, respectful, and all around wonderful kids ever. The parents of the boys who came are to be commended.

Thanks again to all!!

We looks forward to next years retreat!!!
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Josh CallahanThank you for hosting us! You and your staff did an amazing job and we appreciate the hard work!1 month ago

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I'm really not sure if winter is going to end up here. It snowed all most all day yesterday. It obviously didn't accumulate touch but it's still snowing.
Only about a week away from great spring fishing & campfires. Don't forget we have a campground too.

We'd love to see you all.
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Historic Pittston FarmBe sure to stop in. We have rooms if they aren't accessible.1 month ago
John Paul GauvinHello from Costa Rica.1 month ago   ·  1
Jeremy Carey1 month ago
Jeremy CareyWe are really hoping to come up next Friday. Hoping the roads are passable to Canada Falls or Kings High Landing by then! We plan to stay in one if the lean-tos as we have no camper and 2 dogs.1 month ago

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Hmmmm..we only need 8 more inches to groom again tonight. Hahahaha.

I told Guy that and well I can't repeat what he said back. 😊
But it is pretty around here anyway.
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Jareb DyerThat snow isn't gonna help Northern Rd....1 month ago
Joyce DayWith the Wind and Sun hopefully the Northern Rd will be passable by May 5th.1 month ago   ·  1
Dennis BeaverBeautiful!1 month ago
Tim HarperWhere I'm at.1 month ago
Joan Gilesbet the snow boarders love this, maybe another month of skiing. skied tukermans raven n july in shorts and t shirts1 month ago

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Well this is the post I have have dreaded all season. We are officially done. That doesn't mean we are closed but not much left to the trails at this point. There should be some off trail riding this weekend. We are extremely low on fuel, so if you are headed up please be sure to bring extra fuel with you.

Guy, Danielle, & I would like to thank everyone for the huge support you have shown us this winter. We've had a great year.
Please remember you're feedback is always welcome. We are working hard to make improvements as time and $$ allow. We are also going to try to expand our trails system next year (wish us luck)
Now we move on to spring fishing and camping. It won't be long before our ATV trails will be open. We hope to see you all this summer. Keep checking in for some fun events this summer!!
Thanks again!!
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Rachel Kadra SouleIt was a pleasure working for you!! 😊 so glad I got the experience!1 month ago   ·  2
Cam SmithNice work folks!3 weeks ago   ·  1
Jake DubeThis was the Soldier Town rd yesterday!1 month ago   ·  1
Dmitry LyakhovichGood luck with the trails, can't wait to see Pittston farm again!1 month ago   ·  1
Evan DautrichHad a blast in jackman this winter. See you when the atv trails open1 month ago   ·  1
Joyce DayAlways Sad to have a season come to a CLOSE but HAPPY LOOKING forward to another season----Spring Fishing--Hiking--SightSeeingwith Mother Natures new arrivals ( deer--moose etc. ) ATV riding--Campground Folks returning for another season with YOU FOLKS.1 month ago   ·  1
Robert SchwartzSee u next season1 month ago   ·  1
Dave MartinGreat job Jenn and family! Hope it works well for u guys !!! Never been up there during the summer so it's on the bucket list! Be safe1 month ago   ·  1
Adam RobinsonMy favorite destination this season was the Farm. See you when the trails open back up for wheelers.1 month ago   ·  1
Jan WalcknerAlways our breakfast destination. I will miss the massive and delicious breakfast sandwiches. Thanks for helping to make it a great season. Wish Danielle good luck in softball!1 month ago   ·  1
Juliene Harnden AdrianceImagine for a season that didn't promise much it sure as hell ended with a bang! Can't wait for the first flakes to fall! Let's all hope for another epic winter!1 month ago   ·  1
Gail Turner AmancioWe all dread "the end" but it was a fantastic season. Thank you for all your daily posts and hospitality when we have come in lunch. See you during ATV season for sure. Kuddos👍❄️❄️1 month ago   ·  1
Jason AllenGood work this year Awesome trails1 month ago   ·  1
Michael BrognaGreat season! Thanks Guy and Jen for all you guys do to make the riding in the area as good as it can possibly be.. Be up on the Atv this summer..1 month ago   ·  1
Brandon SutherburgThank you for all of your hard work and keeping us updated daily!!!!! It's greatly appreciated!!!! Have a great summer! I'll stop in if I find myself in the area!1 month ago   ·  1
Starley MoffittBest place around!! Glad u guys had such a busy season!! Can't wait to come up and eat and fish! Maybe have a beer!1 month ago   ·  1
Dennis SheehanSee you next season !!!! Until1 month ago   ·  1
Danny MartinThanks for being there for gas and good hot food.1 month ago   ·  4
Jareb DyerKeep feeding those deer, I need an easy target, haha.1 month ago   ·  4
Coady Holmes Modeenthanks greatest fries around1 month ago   ·  3
Lisa GreenAwesome jobs guys! So sorry we missed it this year but with a brand new sled next year we shouldn't blow it up for at least 4 years (it will be under warranty)1 month ago   ·  1
Skeeter AmesLook forward to next season1 month ago   ·  1
Karla Boutin😢😢😢😢😢😢1 month ago   ·  1

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