North Woods SledFest

March 11th – 12th

It’s the inaugural Maine Northwoods SledFest at Historic Pittston Farm!

Don’t miss the chance to see if your sled is the fastest sled here! Thousands of snowmobilers will be in the area to see them in action. We will be hosting races open to all with cash prizes totaling to 10,000! Other attractions include a groomer rodeo, open radar runs, vendor demos, great food and lots of entertainment. Attendance for this two-day event is expected to exceed over 5,000 people. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see some of the best Snomobile action in New England!

Get Your Tickets Today!

Don't wait. This is going to be one of the biggest, most exciting snowmobile events in Maine!

You can buy a single day ticket for $10 bucks or enjoy the whole weekend for only $15! These tickets will go fast. Don’t wait. Get yours now!

Is Your Sled the Fastest?

Racing Excitment
There will be a few changes this year! We are offering races open to public with cash prizes totaling to $10,000! There will be a variety of racing classes from drag racing, including vintage drags, radar runs, and traditional engine size classes on a 1 mile track similar to a cross country style track.  We will also have a youth 120 class, woman’s class, and an AARP classes for those that think they are still young haha.

Pro Vintage Racing


Watching vintage racing is like stepping back in time, you will see Ski-Doo, Moto-ski, Arctic Cat, Polaris, Yamaha, Skiroule, Rupp, Mercury, Sno-Jet, John Deere and Chaparral snowmobiles.

Groomer Rodeo


While you’re here, check out some of the latest technology in Trail Grooming. We will tons of new Groomers that will have you thinking about that smooth riding you love so much!

Radar Runs


Think your sled is FAST? Let’s see what you’ve got. Open to all, and top prizes awarded in each class for the fastest sleds. Fun to watch & fun to clean out those cobwebs. Braaaappp!

Gear & Demos


Wanna try out the latest gear from some of the top vendors in New England? Sleds, helmets, riding gear, and more. Come see what’s HOT for 2017 and get ready for the best in speed and comfort.

Snacks & Snowmobiles

Fresh, delicious food

Historical Pittston Farm is world famous for its delicious food. We’ll also have vendors serving up some local flavors, and beer trucks to top it all off . If you are hungry, we’ve got you covered!


Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Interested in Sponsoring This Event?

This is a great opportunity to get in front of THOUSANDS of Snowmobile Enthusiasts.
If you would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities for this exciting event, please contact:

Jennifer & Guy Mills
Owners, Pittston Farm Lodge
53 Pittston Farm Road Rockwood, Maine 04478

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1 week ago

Historic Pittston Farm

What a night!! Guy shot a bear! And two more hunters did as well. Love this time of year. ... See MoreSee Less

What a night!! Guy shot a bear! And two more hunters did as well. Love this time of year.Image attachment


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How many donuts did it take?

Did the bear get a chance to shoot back? No? Then it was a senseless killing of a beautiful animal, not a sport. A sport is when both sides have a fair chance of winning.

Let's put this question out there. Does anyone of the hunters here not transport their kill back with them and just leave the carcass there?

Why do these posts attract so many fucktards? Wtf

Glad to see you don't work ALL the time Guy! Congratulations!!

Need to smoke some of the meat. Smoked Yogi

Senseless killing for what, the greasy meat.

Congratulations Guy !!!!!! Dad told me he also got one !!!!!!

Absolutely no disrespect to anyone in this story...but...what did these Bears do to die?

That's awesome guy. Good job we are coming up in a few weeks see you guys soon

Best meat in the wood congrats Guy

Took one last Thursday !

Congrats Guy!!.

Awesome, congrats

Congratulations Guy!!!!!

He looks like a big boy Guy

Oh, yeah! Congrats.

Looks like a nice one!!

Awesome Guy. Looks like a nice one.

Awesome! Congratulations Guy!!!

Congrats, Guy!

Congratulations Guy!!! Nice one!


Nice one guy

Nice Bear 🐻 .! How much did weigh.?

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1 week ago

Historic Pittston Farm

Bear season is here!!! Ohh and native brook trout fishing at its best.

Congrats to our successful hunters so far this week. Also congrats to those who went fishing once they got their bear!!

And to think the guides are currently out getting another hunters trophy as I type this.

Only two nights into this years hunt for us and it's been a blast. What a great group of folks. Going to hate to see them leave Saturday.
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Do u have have any lodging open in Oct would like to come up bird hunting for a couple dsys

Hoping to make it up to fish!!

Hi Jennifer. Great time at your lodge. Stay well and safe.

Stayed at Pittston farm 2 yrs ago. It was too warm for deer but had a great time

Beautiful brookie.

Great job Brandon and the staff

How did you do Jen?

Seen any moose

Wow congrats on your nice fish

How much 4 a bear hunt


Great job Brandon

Paul McAuliffe

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1 month ago

Historic Pittston Farm

I'm way behind with my updates...but here we go.

I want to thank everyone who came and celebrated with us at the wedding of our son Shawn Mills and daughter in law Kira Brooke Mills. It was an amazing day. Extremely happy for them and wish them nothing but the best!! Not to mention my dad was released from the hospital Thursday and came here Friday, for the weekend!! It was great having the family together.

However, when did I get old enough to have a child getting married. Ughh lol.
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Grammy(or whatever you want to be called lol) , not to make you feel even older with your first grandson almost here but another wedding!

Beautiful day with some great folks! Could not have felt more welcomed. Thanks Jen, Guy, and the crew for such a great experience. Nice to see your Dad make it and see you so happy, Jen!

It was the perfect day, wonderful wedding!

So happy to hear your dad is better! Continued prayers🙏

What a beautiful wedding...we wish them all the best of life...Congratulations ..

We had an fantastic time. Beautiful wedding and the farm was amazing. Thank you for your great hospitality!

Congrats to your son and his new wife and I'm so glad to hear that your dad is doing better

Omg...just beautiful...wishing the happy couple the best ever!

Congrats to you and your family Jennifer Mills..we love you all!

Just remember your only as old as you feel Historic Pittston Farm

A nice group of photos , thanks for sharing them.

Congratulations ! Great family pictures ~

Lunch was great today..Thanks Jen... 🙂

Congrats to you all!! 👰🏻🤵🏻🥂🍾

Beautiful couple!! Congratulations!!

A beautiful wedding 😍


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