North Woods SledFest

March 11th – 12th

It’s the inaugural Maine Northwoods SledFest at Historic Pittston Farm!

Don’t miss the chance to see if your sled is the fastest sled here! Thousands of snowmobilers will be in the area to see them in action. We will be hosting races open to all with cash prizes totaling to 10,000! Other attractions include a groomer rodeo, open radar runs, vendor demos, great food and lots of entertainment. Attendance for this two-day event is expected to exceed over 5,000 people. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to see some of the best Snomobile action in New England!

Get Your Tickets Today!

Don't wait. This is going to be one of the biggest, most exciting snowmobile events in Maine!

You can buy a single day ticket for $10 bucks or enjoy the whole weekend for only $15! These tickets will go fast. Don’t wait. Get yours now!

Is Your Sled the Fastest?

Racing Excitment
There will be a few changes this year! We are offering races open to public with cash prizes totaling to $10,000! There will be a variety of racing classes from drag racing, including vintage drags, radar runs, and traditional engine size classes on a 1 mile track similar to a cross country style track.  We will also have a youth 120 class, woman’s class, and an AARP classes for those that think they are still young haha.

Pro Vintage Racing


Watching vintage racing is like stepping back in time, you will see Ski-Doo, Moto-ski, Arctic Cat, Polaris, Yamaha, Skiroule, Rupp, Mercury, Sno-Jet, John Deere and Chaparral snowmobiles.

Groomer Rodeo


While you’re here, check out some of the latest technology in Trail Grooming. We will tons of new Groomers that will have you thinking about that smooth riding you love so much!

Radar Runs


Think your sled is FAST? Let’s see what you’ve got. Open to all, and top prizes awarded in each class for the fastest sleds. Fun to watch & fun to clean out those cobwebs. Braaaappp!

Gear & Demos


Wanna try out the latest gear from some of the top vendors in New England? Sleds, helmets, riding gear, and more. Come see what’s HOT for 2017 and get ready for the best in speed and comfort.

Snacks & Snowmobiles

Fresh, delicious food

Historical Pittston Farm is world famous for its delicious food. We’ll also have vendors serving up some local flavors, and beer trucks to top it all off . If you are hungry, we’ve got you covered!


Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

Interested in Sponsoring This Event?

This is a great opportunity to get in front of THOUSANDS of Snowmobile Enthusiasts.
If you would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities for this exciting event, please contact:

Jennifer & Guy Mills
Owners, Pittston Farm Lodge
53 Pittston Farm Road Rockwood, Maine 04478

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***** TRAIL WORK DAY*****

As a reminder we will be having a trail work day this Saturday July 22nd. We will be cutting a 1/2 mile of new trail. This will be a multipurpose snowmobile and ATV trail.
As you can imagine we could use all the help we can get. We have dropped our lodging rates to only $50 a night per room for the weekend for those helping. We also will including dinner Saturday night on us!!

Please let me know if you can make it and I will set a room aside for you. If it's anything like last's going to be a blast!!

Remember.....volunteer and donate where you ride.

PS....yes we pay taxes on that puddle he crossed!! Private owned!!!
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Such a beautiful place to visit. My boyfriend and I were there this past Sunday. What a great group of people that work there. Very nice

Can't wait to see you guys and help out!!! See you Friday 😊

Is that guy playing?

That I'd do it to lmao

Wish Wish could be there miss u all

It runs into the river and lake ,,,

He's cooked

Erin Frost

David Anderson

what's that mean Mike Doucette

Glenn Vaccaro

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Unfortunately this is our first time ever having to post something's by like this.

Sometime on July 4th, more than one ATV or side X side felt the need to move a tree blocking a landowners new road. They then proceeded to do a huge amount of damage getting stuck and pulling or winching each other through areas. The destruction they did was unreal.

This particular landowner has done nothing, but try to help us expand our trails and promote the area. Hands down the best landowner we have ever dealt with.

Our trail that goes by this road is not only an ATV trail, but a multi purpose trail. Therefore, everyone could lose. If anyone sees this type of activity going on PLEASE either say something to those doing so or let us know at the farm. We just can not have this happening.

First and foremost we need to respect our landowners!!!!
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So sad to hear this, hopefully someone saw this and will come foward with infomation. Without landowners being so good to us who use the trails we would have nothing, so thank you landowners for trusting us with your land, not all of us are like this one person who ruined your property. Jen is there anything we can do to help clean up the mess?

why people need to do stuff like that is stupid. My family rode in from jackman about 11:00 that day and had lunch. we sat out on front on the portch with our 2 dogs . Then we left to go back about noon and didnt see another atv on our way back to jackman and never saw anything that looked funny or odd at that time. This stuff makes it hard for all clubs to keep trails open or in our case in our town get a trail system started. All I can say to people like this is grow up! stay on the marked trails . We all like to have a little mud fun now and then but find the right spot. Maybe get the hose out and do it on your own front lawn. That would not be good would it. Well that is what these land owners think with there land. RESPECT IT !!!! Maybe you would think different if you ever had to look a landowner in the face and ask if you could use their land. Or join a club and listen to the problems and work it takes to keep these trails open. To all the land owners that let clubs use there land THANK YOU we are not all like this . I hope this would never happen again but it will . All we can do is help fix the damage and hope the land owner will be understanding. And that RIDERS WILL RESPECT THE TRAILS AND THE LANDOWNERS.

I have been so disappointed in how people destroy, steal, ignore signs, shoot signs, etc. More and more landowners are closing access and I don't blame them. But we all lose. Report when you see this happen. Take pictures to help enforcement catch them. Thank you to our Maine Landowners for all you do to make the roads give us access to our beautiful state.

It's just not right.... So sorry to hear this. I hope they are caught. It's tools like this that ruin it for the good people, who actually care about the land and the land owners interests. Smh.

Last Sunday, in Parlin, we pulled over in an open area to let our three dogs out. 10-12 ATV's came by, all slowed right down, waves and big smiles. What a pleasant encounter, for us and the puppies!

This is so frustrating... it makes me mad that people won't respect your property!.. if you can't follow the rulles, speedlimits, and people's property then stay home! I'm sorry about your property, I hope they catch them.

Why are some people such assholes?!?!? I just don't get it, how hard is it to just go by the rules so everyone that enjoys the same activity doesn't lose out? So frustrating

Disrespectful people. I hope they catch them and make them pay for the damages. It's unreal to watch more and more property get shut off because of disrespectful people.

That's too bad. Trail cam the area for a bit see if they can catch someone. I love to ride but I don't go fast and prefer looking for wildlife to watch

Did anybody call the Game Warden. I am sure they can set up a camera or something to catch people in the act of doing something?

People just don't care anymore and have no respect for anything. It's too bad they have to ruin it for everyone. Hope they are found.

So sick of reading about stuff like this from every club. If caught their machines should be confiscated and auctioned off to the highest bidder. The money then split between the landowner and the club. Wish the state would build, police and maintain trail systems like they do in West Virginia instead of volunteers having to do the work. Land owners should be paid for allowing access. People hired and given salaries & benefits to build and maintain trails. Along with lots more police on the trails to catch and confiscate machines from people who can't follow the rules. If people can spend $25000 on SXS's they can pay the sate more to have a better system in place here in the state of Maine.

So sorry to hear - wish there was something to be done that doesn't punish everyone. Hope someone comes forward and reports them.

Stupid disrespectful people stay that way winter or summer people need to be caught and punished it seems to just get worse

If they find them the state should revoke their registration

I am so sorry there are 'a few' stupid people in our world !

WHY OH WHY SUCH ACTIONS HAVE TO HAPPEN !!!!!! Terrible that SOME PEOPLE don't have any RESPECT !!!!!! SORRY THIS HAD TO BE POSTED BUT it MIGHT travel fast on FB and find the BAD PERSON !!!!!!!

You see it all over these days

Jen, where did this happen?

Doing that should land you in jail.. as a deterrent.

Time to set up those game cameras to hopefully get images of the people who are doing this!!

That is why my parents ended up stopping snowmachines from going on their property, damage and disrespect.

The disrespect shown by those riders is inexcusable. What ails people these days?

This is unreal. It is so beautiful up there and i would hate to loose the privilege that these land owners give to us....

I sure hope you all find out who did this!! TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR!!!!!

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3 weeks ago

Historic Pittston Farm

Happy 4th from everyone at the farm!!! Karla Boutin, Dennis Sheehan, Joanne Gendreau Martin ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy 4th!!

Autumn Boutin

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